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Urban Ears

Patrick Fennelly

Introducing Urban Ears headphones made from recycled plastics

Maintaining its distinctive colourways and minimalistic designs, the Swedish audio lifestyle brand introduces its Urbanears Boo headphones, in two different models, made from 91% and 97% recycled plastics.

Urbanears has been making strides towards becoming fully circular and carbon neutral by 2030, creating a better sounding future with its new wireless headphones.

While the tech and creative industries pivot to focus their energies on preserving the environment, with everyone from Elon Musk to Stella McCartney experimenting with new technology and materials, Urbanears is becoming a pioneer in the audio electronics industry, creating products using plastic bottles, air conditioner units and more.

With wireless headphones becoming an essential day to day accessory for many, ensuring they are responsibly manufactured is imperative, and Urbanears is sourcing durable and malleable materials to reduce its carbon footprint by as much as 90%*, while creating colourful, Scandinavian-inspired, minimalist designs.

‘Operating in an industry that is yet to adapt to the global climate crisis, we feel that we have a responsibility to act,’ explains Emelie James, Sustainability Manager at Urbanears. ‘We owe it to consumers to deliver more sustainable products that are easier on the planet, without having them compromise on sound experience, design or product features. Urbanears Boo is definitely the first, humble step of the way’.

At a glance, the Urbanears Boo and Boo Tip's environmentally conscious construction isn't necessarily apparent, with the brand's 'Raw', 'Almost Green', 'Charcoal Black', 'Slightly Blue' and 'Dirty Tangerine' colourways creating an appeal regardless of the manufacturing process. However, subsequently discovering the product range is part of the brand's wider initiative to increase sustainability is a bonus that helps encourage the purchase.

For those who like to jog through all seasons, even in the rain, the headphones are also practical - with IPX4 certification for protection against splashing water - and the Urbanears Boo Tip comes with different sized silicone tips, ensuring comfortability.

Ultimately, Urbanears has managed to create innovative, sustainable headphones, without compromising on style, aesthetics or functionality. And, in doing so, have utilised items regularly discarded domestically and on an industrial scale. Not bad considering the Urbanears Boo and Boo Tip are on the more affordable end of the scale when it comes to wireless earbuds.