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Primavera x CUPRA 2024

Savannah Blake

As the long awaited music festival, Primavera Sound slowly approaches, the energy of Barcelona becomes even more vibrant as we move closer to opening the doors of it’s first day.

For 2024, Primavera once again never disappoints, with their consistent and aligned collaboration with CUPRA, we were treated to an exclusive test drive experience throughout the festival before doors open! This gave us the chance to see just the amount of space Primavera takes up for its eclectic mix of genres and artists throughout the weekend, and rightfully so. In addition CUPRA didn’t stop there and elevated by partnering up with Boiler Room to bring us that club feeling within the festival, going down as one of the greatest and iconic stages for DJ’s across the globe.

Day 1 treated us with greats from Freddie Gibbs & Madib to long-awaited new comers such as Amaarae, whose astonishing performance was a blend of black girl punk magic. As the night progressed, spirits stayed high courtesy of Peggy Gou who kept the vibes going by giving us a 2 hour DJ set to finish the night off and bring the festival day to a memorable close.. there is truly no experience like a Peggy Gou party.

Day 2 was one of the highly favoured days, as it consisted of a musical pic n mix of genres. From the trippy band BADBADNOTGOOD who teleported us into a different realm through their electronic, never seen before, live instruments, filling the crowd with Dance and a Hip/hop and Jazz fusion. To then follow on, was rap duo Clipse! The two brothers, Pusha T and Malice, a much-missed noughties rap duo hit the stage with high energy following an exclusive reunion with his brother after almost 15 years of not making music together. After, was the melodic and dreamy Lana Del Rey, who was definitely one of the most highly anticipated in Barcelona that night. The crowd stood still as Lana’s harmonious lyrics melted the audience. However, the most favoured set for the entirety of the festival was determined as soon as Disclosure hit that Estrella Damm stage. After a 8 year hiatus of no shows, Disclosure did not disappoint with their nostalgic unforgettable dance songs that quite literally had the whole crowd at its feet.

Day 3, our last and final day kicked off at the Channel One sound-system. With unwavering faith, we turned to the vintage vinyl dub plate records to revive us from the aftermath of a wild night, and they delivered just that. This transitioned us into the foreseen feels of SZA who headlined that night. The audience at the Santander stage, were left with all the stars in their eyes. Which prepared everyone to be hypnotised shortly after by the electrifying pop girlie sensation that is Charlie XCX!

It’s fair to say Primavera Sound 2024 was an unforgettable one. A place and home for all kinds of artist. A space full of inclusivity, love and just all round magnifying vibes.