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Jaye Hannah

Odumodublvck isn’t just changing the game, he’s rewriting the playbook. With a seismic debut album EZIOKWU, featuring heavy-hitters like Amaarae, Fireboy DML, and Cruel Santino, he blends grime, drill and Afrobeats into a thunderous echo of his Nigerian roots that’s impossible to ignore.

From the streets of Lagos to the bustling crowds of Boston, Odumodublvck's personal style - both sartorial and sonic - reflects a deep-rooted respect for his heritage coupled with an innovative spirit that challenges the norms. Ahead of his much-anticipated North American tour, friend Ireti sat down with the Odumodublvck to delve deeper into the elements that shape his identity and his art.

Ireti: Why Odomodublvack? Where did you get the name from?

Odumodublvck: It was when I was in secondary school, someone was trying to banter me with this name. So I thought, let me make this my music name. I went and made it my music name, people were laughing.

Ireti: Let’s go back to 2022. What’s the process been like from then to now? When did you know your music was going to take off?

Odumodublvck: When PICANTO dropped, I knew this shit is going to go. I'm the first person in the history of the world to have dropped an album before the album dropped. 22 songs were previewed before it dropped, just to show that someone will sweet to it.

I knew it was going to pop because Zlatan has reached and people were like, who is this new guy that’s featured on Zlatan?

Ireti: It's been officially a year since Declan Rice dropped. It almost feels like you and Rice’s destinies are tied in some way - the day you dropped, that's the day Declan Rice scored that winning goal against Italy. And then the year after, he was captain for England. So why Declan Rice?

Odumodublvck: It just came out of my mouth. I was there, writing the song on the spot and that's what happened. The guy himself is the destined child. When you see him, you see that he's a grounded guy. Yeah, he's big, but he's the most noble guy. Even on the field, when you see them try to rile him up, he always comes in peace. He’s very efficient, he's an industry machine.

Ireti: Who are your biggest musical influences, and how would you say they've impacted your sound, your style, and how you record and think about music?

Odumodublvck: Skepta for one… because of the audacity. Burna Boy, Omah Lay, 2face, because he’s singing and rapping. What Black Sheriff does is great.

Ireti: Now that you have a Skepta collab, who would you love to collab with next?

Odumodublvck: Kendrick.

Ireti: That would be wicked. You spoke briefly about your gang, your people, the anti-world gangsters. You're so intentional about putting your people on. Why do you think this is so important?

Odumodublvck: My own mentor is Jesus. I look at what he does. This guy, according to our belief, is God. God is in you. All these collabs, everything you do, you can’t do it on your own. It’s only better with your people.

Ireti: You’re performing across North America this spring. Which city are you looking forward to the most?

Odumodublvck: At this point, I'm looking forward to everywhere. I went to DC, it was crazy. I thought I was in Abuja. And when I went to Boston, the place I went to perform, there were a hundred people there, 80 people were Ghanaians. Crazy shit. So I'm looking forward to every city. Let me see what's happening, let me see how far the music has reached.

Ireti: Talking about Ghana as well, those ties are getting really strong - WOTOWOTO SEASONING is still number one in Ghana. You performed your new record at the Africa Games with Stonebwoy. Why is that Ghana-Naija link so important to you?

Odumodublvck: When I was small, I used to play Ghana music. To me, Ghana and Nigeria are basically one. Regardless of the banter that we used to have, we love each other. That's why I've always been there to do this.

Ireti: Talk to me about your relationship with the big homie TeeZee. You guys have been able to build so much in the last year. How do you guys work together?

Odumodublvck: We go there together, we shut this shit down. We’re always planning, that shows how serious we are. When we’re working together, everything’s intentional. That’s why we’re showing up everywhere. We’re always planning, planning, planning what the next whole thing is. We can make one plan, the plan is looking like a super plan, tear it down and start another plan. That's just how serious we are - organized and coordinated. And everything is not just how we are working together. Everything is intentional. It doesn't matter what the music is. Some people do music, and some of us do music business. What we're doing here now is part of the music business. It's very important, very vital. That's why we're showing up at every interview, every show, every whatever.

Ireti: When it comes to your personal style, you always stand out - whether it's from your hat that has cultural meaning and value to you, which you've now brought into the mainstream. Where people from every and any tribe, as long as they're a fan, is rocking with that and rocking with you. How important is it for you to bring your heritage and culture along with you through this journey of becoming a global superstar?

Odumodublvck: It's very important because, when I rap, you must know that it's me. You know what I'm saying? When I started rapping, everybody that knows my voice, they have heard it before, they know that I exist. I'm not trying to sound like somebody that I'm not. For some people it can be that. But for me, it's not going to help me. Right now I have a song with Skepta, Unknown T, Chip, Headie One, and it's because I sound like a Nigerian - that’s why they want me on the song.

Ireti: Let's talk about your swag. How would you define your fashion?

Odumodublvck: Basically, I just like to wake up and jump into anything. Tracksuits. Two-piece. I don't even want to stress myself. Say I have a show. I just want to jump in and mash it up like the rapper and the grime star I am. I just want to mash up the ting and come back in like, jeans, t-shirt, nice sneakers, move about. Simple, easy, but rough.